Neuroplasticity and Leadership: Getting Your Brain On Your Side թեմայով գիտական Վեբինար

📢« Neuroplasticity and Leadership: Getting Your Brain On Your Side» թեմայով 🖥️🆓 գիտական Վեբինար ` հուլիսի 19-ին!!!

📌In this workshop, we examine the power of neuroplasticity — the brain’s malleable ability to carve new neural pathways in response to experience.

❗This session demonstrates how that neural flex and change can be harnessed for significant improvements in leadership efficiency.

🟢It’s a chance to focus on your own leadership style. You learn how to recognise unhelpful thinking habits and behaviours —and how to `rewire’ your brain to permanently change them.

🧠Manage your response to stress
🧠Change the thinking habits which hinder productivity
🧠Boost your ability to learn new skills or explore unfamiliar viewpoints
🧠Unlock potential for fresh thinking and growth

These sessions weave together the strands of effectiveness and practical neuroscience. If you’re a science geek, you’ll love the rigour and applicability of the sessions. If you’re a creative type, it’s a chance to play in your brain with easy-to-use tools.

🕒 Time: 18:00 UTC+4 | 20:00 (Central European Time)
🔗 Zoom link will be shared with you after registration via email before the event.

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