Study Session in Budapest

⏳Deadline - 25 February!!!

📢Study Session in Budapest ( 🇭🇺 Hungary) - 21-27 April!!!

❗Eligible countries - Council of Europe countries 
🟢Rural Youth Europe (RYE) in cooperation with the Council of Europe and the European Youth Centre in Budapest (EYCB) are organizing the study session “Rural youth work 101: Advancing the inclusion of rural youth in Europe through volunteering and rural community-building”. ❗The study session will bring together 35 young people from rural areas and rural communities of Council of Europe member states to address and rediscuss the topics of youth work in rural areas (rural youth work) and volunteering as tools for promoting and advancing the inclusion of rural youth in Europe today.👉 It will raise awareness and build the capacities of our participants as changemakers in this regard, and contribute to building further more inclusive and peaceful societies across Europe, in particular in rural areas after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

🟢The objectives of the study session are👇
👉To raise awareness on the importance of rural youth work, and explore how rural youth work evolved over the last years, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic; 
👉To exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge and strengthen capacities about resilient rural communities and community-building; 
👉To create a toolkit of good examples and best practices of youth activities for community-building of rural communities; 
👉To enable the participants to act as multipliers in their local rural communities, spreading the outcomes of this study session.
❗The study session will take place between Monday 22nd of April until Friday 26th of April 2024 (travel days not included, participants will be expected to arrive on Sunday before the study session and depart on Saturday after the study session) at the European Youth Centre in Budapest, Hungary. 🔎We are looking for 35 participants, mainly 18-30 years old (also participants older than 30 years are welcome to apply). 🔤The working language will be English. ❗There is a participation fee of 50 euros paid to the Council of Europe. 💰All the costs for accommodation, food and traveling will be provided by the Council of Europe.

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